Paul Chiles has been the source of commercial real estate education in the Pacific Northwest over the years while teaching real estate investments and related courses at the University of Washington and local community colleges. Chiles & Company was awarded an educational contract with the State of Washington Department of Licensing to provide general commercial education to real estate licensees throughout the state and that effort served to exceed all expectations for success.

Chiles & Company is firmly committed to professional education as an imperative for its employees and clients. We consider investing in our people to be an investment in our clients, and seek to develop the skills and knowledge that provide clients with distinct competitive advantage. Our educational programs include academic and practice-oriented training in consulting, negotiation, marketing, selling, finance, strategic planning, technology and other essential skills. Chiles & Company, without qualification, has the most extensive commercial real estate library in the Northwest.

Formal education is supplemented by on going workshops, computer-based learning and other programs. We also offer client-oriented programs, including strategic planning, negotiation, consulting and technical assistance designed to help real estate decision makers better anticipate, evaluate and take advantage of the realities of the real estate marketplace--and enable us to continue exceeding client expectations.


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